Argentina Ciudadana

Who we are


In Argentina Ciudadana, we promote the values of humility,
to respect diversity, to protect the environment, to advocate
for social inclusion, good neighborliness, justice and better
health and education for citizenship.


We are an NGO dedicated to the construction of a new political paradigm, promoting civic values, activating the citizenship participation and commitment on strengthening the rule of law, and cooperating in the development of concrete solutions to the citizen’s problems.

Our Values

  • Honesty & Transparency

  • Revaluation of public policy

  • Trascendence

  • Respect & Solidarity

  • Social Inclusion

  • Citizen Involvement

  • Civic & Social Engagement

  • Responsibility

  • Equal Opportunities

  • Living together in diversity

  • Sustainability

General Objectives

Create spaces for expression of demands emerging from the civil society, to promote proactive actions of all players in the system towards its resolution. We seek transmute the energies of reactive inhabitant in proactive initiatives of citizens.
Achieve the construction of it in various lines of citizen action, to facilitate the link between citizens and organizations committed to solving common problems.
Inspire the ties with the organizations of social and civil network that share our framework of civic values: NGOs, churches, neighborhood organizations, universities, building societies, cooperatives, among others.
Generate instances of participation for young professionals interested in issues of national and international agenda from an academic and social perspective.


Sergio Bergman


Patricia Holzman


Marcelo Wechsler


Alan Dosoretz
Alan Dosoretz

Executive Director

Vanina Montes de Oca
Vanina Montes de Oca

Institutional Relations

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