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Social Entrepreneurship


From Argentina Ciudadana we encourage participation initiatives that are not reduced only to the political sphere. In this sense , within our areas of work, projects to boost incorporated enterprises that are committed to social issues and the environment. Among our projects are:

It is an initiative of the Environmental Protection Agency (ARPA) of the GCBA, which aims to promote responsible consumption among citizens.

In this project Argentina Ciudadana works with APRA in the assembly and taught workshops on the subject: both the fairground and the public in general.

It is a project that Argentina Citizen organized together with other civil society organizations and the Government of the City of Buenos Aires. The objective was to create a space within the event “Entrepreneur Day”, aimed at all those who promote the new economies and inclusive business. Thus we seek to promote and disseminate knowledge about this new economic paradigm that is emerging and that includes new ways of understanding the economy, including: corporate business, the solidarity economy, cooperatives and fair trade.

The event featured lectures on innovation, creativity, financing, leadership and management. There were workshops to train entrepreneurial skills, opportunities for networking and speed dating activities .

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