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Electoral Transparency


This initiative sought to create a network of committed citizens who, after voting, made a short report on the parameters of the election in his polling station. Thus, every citizen not only cast his vote, but also ensured the overall transparency of the election process; that is, each citizen was, at once elector and election auditor. To do both in the primaries as the General 2013, was available a short online questionnaire on the Web.

Quantitative Report Civic Eye – Pre-elections 2013: Descargar 
Quantitative Report Civic Eye – Elections 2013: Descargar 

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Activate Your Vote, is a proposal that younger civically involved and become part of the electoral debate. We’re not the promise of tomorrow, but we are present, we have a voice. That is why we developed a virtual platform with key information on the elections to the service of young people in this 2013 voted for the first time.


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As part of Activate Your Vote, the activity consisted of the deployment of a giant urn and a trash that moved in different parts of the city, in order to sensitize the public and especially young people about the new electoral role play since 2013.


This campaign sought to make people voluntarily enroll as authority board for the elections. Different values such as honesty , respect, solidarity and justice among others, were the choices given to those who came for the activity in the street and told us what was for them the most important.


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